Secondary Tillage Attachments

Wil-Rich has a number of attachments to finish and firm fields, leaving an ideal seedbed. These harrows attach to any Wil-Rich cultivator.

3-Bar Coil Rolling Basket Combination

Three rows of 7/16 x 18 in (1.1 x 46 cm) tines level the soil profile and distribute residue, while the basket reduces clod size and firms the seedbed. Basket pressures are adjustable and range up to 100 lbs per ft (149 kg/m).
Choose from round and flat bar options. A hydraulic lift option is also available for the baskets.

4-Bar Coil Tine Harrows

Hydraulic Lift Kits for Rolling Baskets

Hydraulic lift rolling baskets give operators the ability to lift the rolling basket when it is not desirable to use it, like when conditions are muddy or there’s a wet spot is in the field. Hydraulic lift kits for rolling baskets are available on all 13-foot main frame XL² and QX² field cultivators.

4-Bar Coil Tine Harrow

The 7/16 x 18 in (1.1 x 46 cm) tines provide a smooth and level finish when handling tough residue. Front to rear levelness and tine pitch are easily adjusted to achieve
the desired field finish. The four-bar harrow offers
3-inch spacing.

4-Bar Coil Tine Harrows

5-Bar Spike Tooth Harrow

Five bars of 0.75 square x 11 in (1.9 x 28 cm) long teeth level residue and reduce clod size.