Seedbed Finisher

1500 Series Bedder Finisher

The Wil-Rich 1500 Series Bedder Finisher is the perfect tool for creating a finished and conditioned raised bed. The Bedder Finisher penetrates the ground to improve irrigation and drainage by forming a raised bed and shaping irrigation and drainage furrows in a single pass. This machine mixes, smooths, and firms the ground, preparing your fields for even emergence of crops. As a one-pass preparation tool, the Wil-Rich 1500 Series Bedder Finisher saves time, fuel, and labor costs by combining several field operations.

The heart of the 1500 Series is the 5-bar cutter reel. The spiral design is made with ³/8 x 4⅛” plow share steel to penetrate the ground up to four inches, breaking up clods, incorporating chemicals, and leveling the top of the seedbed. Self-aligning bearings on the cutter reel are triple lip sealed with a guard to protect from dirt and residue.

The 12-row 1500 Series Bedder Finisher has shanks with optional furrow shovels located in front of and behind the cutter reel for a clean and well-shaped furrow. The shanks can be adjusted to both align between the rows or one in between and one on the row to work existing beds with a sweep.

The 1500 Series features double conditioning baskets with a flat bar basket in the front and round bar basket in the rear to reduce clod size, as well as level and firm the soil to optimize the seedbed for more even germination and emergence.

Available with Category 3, 3N, or 4N hitches and either red or green color, the Wil-Rich 1500 Series Bedder Finisher is designed to fit your operation.


Conditioning Basket
  • Front: 8-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ (21×3.2 cm) flat bars, 11″ (28 cm) diameter
  • Rear: 10, 0.85″ (2.1 cm) round bars, 13.8″ (34.7 cm) diameter
Cutter Reel
  • 5 cutter bars per reel
  • Spiral butter bar: 3/8 x 4-1/8″ (1 x 10.4 cm) plow share steel
  • Triple lip sealed bearings with lube fitting
  • Lube fitting guard protects from dirt and residue
Safety Equipment
  • Transport warning lights
  • Slow moving vehicle sign
  • 3″ x 7″ (7.6 x 18 cm) heavy duty main frame toolbar
  • 4 wing fold cylinders
  • Cat 3
  • Cat 3N
  • Cat 4N
  • Parking stands are standard equipment
  • Gauge wheels


12 Row – Folding with 36″, 38″, 40″ Row Spacing

Model #
Working Width
Center Reel Width
Wing Reel Width
Transport Width
Transport Height
Approx. weight Lbs.
Approx. Power Req’d
1500 39’2″
(12 m)
9’6″ (2)
(2.9 m)
9’6″ (2)
(2.9 m)
(6.2 m)
(2.6 m)
(4,672 kg)
200-250 HP