Vertical Tillage Attachment for Chisel Plow

The Vertical Tillage attachment allows you to convert your Wil-Rich chisel plow into a more effective tool for heavy residue situations and wet ground. The vertical tillage attachment sizes residue and opens up wet ground to reduce drying time in the spring.

Why Vertical Tillage?

  • Aerate and warm spring soil for earlier planting in cold and wet condtions
  • Mix residue with soil to control erosion
  • High-speed preparation of your field: 8-12 miles per hour (13-19 kph)
  • Condition soil in high residue situations before or after fall tillage preparations
  • Cuts through crop residue at high speed
  • Less receptive to blade damage and plugging by mounting blades to individual shanks vs. gang-mounted style
  • Uniform working depth across unit
  • Cost savings – converts your chisel plow to a multi-purpose tool
The Vertical Tillage attachment uses wavy coulters that can be attached to the chisel plow shank in place of points or sweeps. The down pressure on each shank stays uniform across the entire chisel plow. The shanks act as a scraper for the coulters, so no extra equipment is needed to till wet and sticky soils. Because vertical tillage works best at high speeds, 7-10 horsepower per foot (17-24 kW per meter) is recommended. This attachment fits the standard chisel plow shank boot pattern and reduces normal transport clearance.


Vertical Tillage Specifications
  • 10’ – 59’ (3-18 m)
  • Dual-mounted 17” (43 cm) diameter blades
  • 1 ¾” (4 cm) wave (8 waves)
  • Heavy-duty bearings with triple lip seals
  • 6” (15 cm) spacing between blades – fits most shanks on 12” (30 cm) shank spacing
Power Requirements
  • 7-10 horsepower per foot (17-24 kW per meter) speeds of 8-12 mph (13-19 kph) for best results