About Wil-Rich

Wil-Rich evolved from a small two-man shop making truck hoists to one of the industry leaders in farm tillage equipment. Ed Schleuter, a blacksmith from Lehr, North Dakota, designed and built a truck hoist that could withstand the rigors of modern farming in the 1960s. A group of businessmen from Wahpeton, North Dakota, purchased this small upstart and named it Wil-Rich – from the names of Wilkin and Richland counties, where operations were based.

In 1981, Wil-Rich was sold by the founders of the company to Lear Siegler, Inc., of Santa Monica, California, which in turn sold the company to TIC United Corporation of Dallas, Texas, in 1987. After two decades of being owned by large out-of-state companies, Wil-Rich came back to its roots of being North Dakota-owned.

In May of 2001, the assets of Wil-Rich were purchased by a group of entrepreneurs who had a long and deep history of building businesses in North Dakota. Returning Wil-Rich to its innovative roots.

In 2011, Wil-Rich formed a joint venture with AGCO for the manufacturing and distribution of  seeding and tillage equipment under the Concord, Wil-Rich, and Wishek brands, as well as some AGCO brands.

In 2021, the Wil-Rich line of equipment and sister brands Wishek and Concord were purchased by Väderstad AB of Sweden. Väderstad’s colorful history dates back to the early 60s, and has ever since been characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, the creation of ingenious farm machinery, and a strong drive to rationalize farming methods. The company now known as Vaderstad Inc., will continue to innovate and provide the high-quality products and levels of service and support that the Wil-Rich name has been known for in the quest to be the world’s leading partner for an outstanding emergence.